Video & Media Coach


Are you a busy business, service professional, or influencer looking to add video to your social media and advertising efforts but dont know how to get started?  Are you looking for extra guidence and support to create content and intentional marketing campaigns? Do you need help creating and distributing content so you can focus on sales and revenue?  You need a video and media coach!


In this package you spend a day or two with a video & media coach & production team creating content content for months in advance!  Content will vary from Full Professional videos for Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin, to authentic videos leveraging REELS on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Shorts. The process starts with:


  • Deep Dive & Audit and setting up the foundation for your advertising campaigns
  • Marketing flow and Content Calendar
  • Video scripts and day of event coordination
  • Video & Media Coach 
  • Full Video Production Crew

Rates vary per project and scope of work